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A little about my practice….

New Focus Physical Therapy was founded in 2009, its sole purpose is to provide high quality physical therapy services to the Capital Region. What makes this practice different than others? New Focus Physical Therapy is owned and operated by one provider. As a patient you will see ONE physical therapist. New Focus Physical Therapy provides more one-on-one care than most practices in the Capital Region. The majority of physical therapy practices in the Capital Region see several patients at one time, perhaps 3-4 patients an hour! At New Focus Physical Therapy you can receive up to 60 minutes of 1 on 1 time with your physical therapist,that is 3 times the local average.

A little about me…..

My name is Dr. Jon P. Van Kempen, PT . I would say my background is somewhat unorthodox. I started my professional career as an Aeronautical Engineer. I wanted to interact with people more than what my current, at the time,  profession as an engineer allowed.

I decided to dive into the health field. I started medical school just a few miles from where I currently practice, at  Sage Graduate School. I thoroughly enjoyed the material I learned, my engineering background certainly helped me in my understanding of the human body, as it is very mechanically based. As I entered my last years of medical school, I attended several residencies. One residency in particular greatly affected the approach I later used, and currently utilize, in my practice as a physical therapist. The clinical setting was Sports Medicine, an area I truly enjoy. When I first stepped foot into the facility I was blown away by the number of exercise machines, the vast amounts of space and it even had an inside track! There were 8 physical therapists on staff, it was impressive! As a student I was given my own case load, and I quickly learned time management! I was treating a patient every 15 minutes, seeing well over 40 patients in a 12-hour day, I was exhausted….. I told myself this is not quality care, the therapist is in survival mode! Once my residency was over I was offered a job to work there.. i vowed to myself that I would never provide care in that manner again.

Facilities such as the one I just discussed are called “mills” in the health profession. I was not going to create or be apart of another “mill”. I later took a job with The Kingston Hospital, at a Sports Medicine Clinic in Saugerties, NY. The hospital offered extensive resources on continuing education, something that was very important to me. I became a “sponge” taking course after course in the areas of practice I was most interested in (Sports Medicine, neck and back dysfunctions). The hospital also hosted numerous workshops by their employees, where I attended as many as I physically could. It was, in my opinion, the perfect environment for a new grad to start his/her professional career.

Several years later I decided it was time for me to embark on my personal quest, to open my own practice. I had the opportunity to open New Focus Physical Therapy in Schodack, NY. Using my extensive knowledge gained by my background at Kingston Hospital and my drive to provide high quality care, my practice grew. My focus was, and still is, to keep costs in check,  learn the latest techniques in physical therapy so I can maintain the highest quality care in the Capital Region.

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